Create a liveshow with all the content from your event ! Adding any photos, gifs, boomerangs or videos to your online album will make it appear direclty on-screen. This is the complete Eventer experience: a digital animation to make your event unforgettable !


Make people remember your brand with Eventer ! The Premium Package allows you to put your logo over the content created through your event (pictures, gifs, videos), and make it visible for your guests ! You can also increase the number of time your logo appears during the liveshow !


Guest interaction is the key to succes ! Your guests will be able to create content by taking pictures and gifs during your event, and find said content direclty on-screen thanks to the liveshow !

Unlimited guests & Content

There is no limit to the number of photos, gifs and videos you can add to your event and there is no limit to the amount of guests that can join our event!

The host is God

As a host, you have every right: A content you dislike? Delete it ! Someone isn’t supposed to be here ? Get him out ! Want to change the hours of your event ? Just do it !

Digital animation: Liveshow

Display the content of your event live on a screen with our live show! You guests can see their content being displayed within seconds !

Configuration & Operational services

Your account and event are pre-created and set-up so that all you have to do is join your event !

Photographer & photobooth connection

Add the content of your photographer & your photobooth in your album !

Automatic Censorship

Our bot automatically detects innapropriate photos and blocks them the second they show up ! You don’t have to fear them appearing on the liveshow !

Branded content

Every photos will automatically be branded with 2 logos of your choice and through the Liveshow we can increase the visibility of any brand or message during the event!

Custom Welcome Page

We can create a custom welcome page to communicate any message to your guests, ideal for a contest!

Emailing Campaign

We create emailing for your guests before and after the event depending on your needs!

Public referencing

You event will be visible in Eventer 48 hours before the start and 24 hours after the end of your event in a radius of 30 km around the location of your event!

Personalized liveshow

A completely unique and customizable liveshow to truly represent your brand and show all your content !

Add full HD Videos

Now part of the premium package and above, add full HD videos with sound! Lenght up to 30 minutes !