On this page you will find a tutorial in order to help you use Eventer’s basic features. If you need help on a more detailed topic, feel free to ask anything through the chat bot !

Click on the profile icon.


Click on email registration (normally, a pro account is not linked to a personnal Facebook account).
portable 2


You can then fill up your email adress, password and username. Then click on “Sign Up” to complete the registration.

portable 3

Click on the profile icon.


You can then edit your profile: add a profile picture (we highly recommend a square png), a profile page to gain visibility.


Click on “Save” when you are finished.
Click on “Create your Event”


Fill up all the basic info. You can add a cover to the event.


You can then choose more detailed options below.


Once you are finished, click on “Create Event”.
Click on “Invite Guests”.


Choose how you want to send the invitation.
Click on the camera icon.


You can then add content direclty from your smartphone or take a picture by clicking on the camera icon again.
Click on the photo you want to share.


Click on the share icon.


Choose the way you want to share the photo.
Click on the select icon.


Select the content you want to deal with.


You can then share, download or delete the content you have selected with the three icons.
Click on “Invite Guests” to get the link to the event.


Click on the link from a computer.


From here, you can select the content of your choice and save it.
Log in with your host account and click on the three dots in the right corner.


Click on “Access it on your computer”. Send the link to yourself via mail.


Click on the link to open the event on your computer. Clicking on “Add photos” will open a tab with a QR Code.


Simply scan the QR Code with your mobile phone and you will be able to add your photos to the event.